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Inline Display of Error / Warning / Info Annotations in Eclipse

tl;dr: A prototype implementation shows all error, warning, and info annotations (“bubbles” in the left ruler) in Eclipse Java editor as inline text. Thus, we don’t have to use the mouse to view the error message. The error messages update live with changes in the editor. I’m an avid keyboard user. If I have to […]

Xtext Editors within Sirius Diagrams – the Best of both Worlds!

tl;dr: Altran’s Xtext / Sirius Integration provides the full Xtext experience for Sirius direct editors (a.k.a. pressing F2 in diagram) and properties editors. It’s highly configurable, well-documented, and released under EPL 2. I presented it at EclipseCon 2018. We intend to contribute this to the Sirius project.

First Eclipse DemoCamp in Eindhoven: A Great Start and Even Greater Community

Yesterday, we held the first Eclipse DemoCamp ever in Eindhoven, at the Altran office. About 40 people from a dozen different companies joined in and enjoyed the nice dinner buffet. Marc Vloemans of Eclipse Foundation kicked off the DemoCamp with a short introduction: DemoCamps are about showing the great work members of the Eclipse community […]

Eclipse DemoCamp Photon in Eindhoven on July 4: Platform, Sirius, Xtext, and more!

tl;dr: Altran organizes the first Eclipse DemoCamp in Eindhoven to celebrate the Photon Release Train on July 4, 17:00 hrs. Register today! We have Mélanie Bats of Obeo talking about Sirus 6, our own Marc Hamilton summarizing lessons learned from 10 years worth of MDE projects, and itemis’ Karsten Thoms and Holger Schill reporting about […]

Do we need Eclipse Commons?

tl;dr Vote at in favor or against creating an Eclipse Commons (akin to Apache Commons) project. Rationale Have you ever done an Eclipse / EMF project without implementing this code? 12345678public static IResource toIResource(URI uri) {     if (uri.isPlatformResource()) {         return ResourcesPlugin.getWorkspace().getRoot()             .findMember(uri.toPlatformString(true)); […]

Combine Xcore, Xtend, Ecore, and Maven

Update: Christian found a workaround for compiling code that references Ecore types. We adjusted the article. Lots of thanks to Christian for figuring this out together. The complete example is available on github. Also, we included all the files as Listings at the end of the article. They are heavily commented. Objective Inside an Eclipse […]

DemoCamp Mars in Stuttgart: Great People, Talks, and Food

We had a nice DemoCamp in Stuttgart for Eclipse Mars Release train. About 50 people had a great time alongside great food. The full agenda, including links to all slides, can be found in the Eclipse Wiki. The first talk by Matthias Zimmermann showed the Business Application Framework Scout, especially the new features of Mars […]

Eclipse DemoCamp 2015 “Mars” at University Stuttgart Vaihingen on July 1st, 17:45 hrs

Right on the heels of this year’s Eclipse “Mars” release, we will again run a DemoCamp in Stuttgart. It will take place on Wednesday, July 1st, 2015 17:45 hrs at Stuttgart University in Stuttgart-Vaihingen Informatik Building Universitätsstraße 38 70569 Stuttgart Room Hörsaal 38.03 Details around the DemoCamp can be found at As usual, admission […]

Eclipse Demo Camp Kepler Stuttgart Retrospective

We had a great DemoCamp in Stuttgart. About sixty people crowded the room and welcomed every beverage the hotel could come up with. Please refer to the Eclipse Wiki for abstracts, slides and additional links for all demos. Andreas Sewe demonstrated Code Recommenders, including their newest feature called Hippie Code Completion. He explained the various […]

Eclipse Juno DemoCamp Stuttgart 2012

itemis sponsored the Eclipse DemoCamp Stuttgart yesterday. About 60 participants saw impressive demonstrations: Frank Gerhardt started with a demonstration of GEF running in a browser on both PCs and mobile devices. He emphasized the few changes required to GEF code for using it in the browser. Once loaded, all features known from GEF (shape modification, […]