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Xtext Editors within Sirius Diagrams – the Best of both Worlds!

tl;dr: Altran’s Xtext / Sirius Integration provides the full Xtext experience for Sirius direct editors (a.k.a. pressing F2 in diagram) and properties editors. It’s highly configurable, well-documented, and released under EPL 2. I presented it at EclipseCon 2018. We intend to contribute this to the Sirius project.

Combine Xcore, Xtend, Ecore, and Maven

Update: Christian found a workaround for compiling code that references Ecore types. We adjusted the article. Lots of thanks to Christian for figuring this out together. The complete example is available on github. Also, we included all the files as Listings at the end of the article. They are heavily commented. Objective Inside an Eclipse […]

Parallel Type Trees: Generic Attribute vs. Generic Accessor Method

When working with ecore models, we often encounter super/subtype relations on both the container and the member side. We want to easily access both the generic and the specific container members. Intuitively, we used different approaches to fulfill this requirement. This article explores some implementation possibilities and examines their advantages, drawbacks and performance implications. Scenario […]